Time off

Time away when you need it

Sometimes, life calls. That’s why we offer a range of time off benefits to ensure you have the flexibility you need, whenever you need it. 

Vacation and holidays

Vacation time is an important benefit that allows you to relax and refresh mentally and physically. All regular, full-time employees, both exempt and non-exempt, begin with:

  • 15 days paid vacation (Director and below); or
  • 25 days (Senior Director and above).


Vacation pay is based on the rate of pay at the time in which vacation time is taken.

Reynolds also observes nine company holidays a year, as well as two floating holidays.

Community Outreach Days

Our Community Outreach policy is intended to encourage employees to get
involved in their communities by allowing them to use paid company time while
volunteering. Each calendar year, all regular full-time employees can take up to 2
days to perform volunteer activities during normal working hours. These days will
be paid at your regular rate of pay.

Sick and personal leave

Regular, full-time employees are eligible to take time off when they’re sick or have other personal reasons that require time away from work.

Exempt employees may be excused with pay by their manager for brief absences.

Non-exempt employees are eligible to receive up to six days of sick or personal leave.

Parental leave

At Reynolds, we’re here to help your family thrive.

Parental leave can help you care for your newborn or newly-placed child, adjust to your new home situation, and find your work-life balance. We’re proud to offer a parental leave policy that is among the best in the U.S.


Key details:

  • Up to 16 weeks of fully-paid leave and benefits to help you bond and care for your child.
  • Up to eight months of a reduced work schedule immediately after the paid leave period.*
  • You’re eligible to participate if you’re a full-time employee, a new mother or father to a biological or adopted child, or standing in place of a parent.


* Your work schedule can be reduced by up to two days a week. Pay will be prorated based on the number of days worked in a given week.

Military leave

We’re proud of our employees who are active in the military. 

That’s why you can request short or extended time off, as well as supplemental pay, if you’re called to serve or require military training.

Discretionary leave

We understand that Reynolds’ defined leave programs might not apply to all of life’s challenges. 

That’s why our discretionary leave benefit is in place, should you need to take an unpaid leave of absence for any legitimate reason for up to three months, subject to manager and HR approval.

Leave of absence

We provide several options to give you the time you need to address life’s challenges, including:

Released Time for Children’s Education

Participation in the education of our children is important, so we provide parental paid time off to be present for school-related activities normally scheduled during working hours. Eligible education events include the first day including 1st day of school for pre-school through 12th grade, high school graduation ceremonies, and parent-teacher conferences to name a few.

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