Health Savings

A Health Savings Account is a tax-advantaged account which allows you to pay for your eligible out-of-pocket health care costs using pre-tax dollars – meaning you save money.

You’re offered a Health Savings Account – administered by Health Equity – if you select the Advantage Plan. You can use your account to pay for health expenses in the current plan year or roll it over for use in the future.

$600 Start-up Contribution* 2021 Health Savings Account contribution maximums Benefit from a triple-tax advantage*
The Start-up Contribution will be prorated based upon your month of enrollment Up to $3,600 for individual coverage

for family coverage

55 or older, contribute an extra $1,000
You contribute pre-tax dollars

Your savings grow tax free

You don’t pay tax when you withdraw your savings

* There are some exceptions for state taxation, so it’s important to check how your state treats the HSA.


  • Your Health Savings Account belongs to you, the money in your account rolls over year after year. It stays with you, even if you leave RAI.
  • Once your account reaches $1,000, you can start investing your Health Savings Account funds.
  • You can use your Health Savings Account debit card to pay for eligible expenses.
  • You’ll save $12 a year if you sign up for electronic statements from Health Equity.

Making the right choice
Last year 40% of the households who selected the Standard Plan would have saved on their total medical spend if they’d enrolled in the Advantage Plan and benefitted from lower monthly premiums and a Health Savings Account Start-up Contribution.

See how a Health Savings Account can work for you
Visit Health Equity at and click on the Start My Comparison tool to evaluate your 2021 medical plan needs.

To learn more, take the time to explore our dedicated Health Savings Account section, using the tools and resources available to help you make an informed decision.

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